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There Are Good Times And Then There Are Bad Times

There Are Good Times And Then There Are Bad Times 0

grateful for what injury brought me

There are good times like this......


Injury for someone who loves the outdoors is a revelatory stage.

I made the above video over about a month period of time late this summer as I spent many trips with my adventure partner and wife Emily road tripping the SouthWest.

It was an awesome few long weekends we took full advantage of and then randomly one night, thankfully when we were home in Durango, a cyst burst and she internally bled 2 liters of blood into her gut. 


And then there bad times that happen right in the middle of it all....

  Awesome futuristic laparoscopic surgery immediately  ensued after rushing her to the ER, saving her without any hiccups.

Now she's  back to crushing cracks and overhung limestone with a  bit of fatigue just a few weeks later. So damn grateful for modern medicine. 


This weekend at Indian Creek amongst other awesome souls and new friends - we met a kind women from Canmore Canada who I noticed climbing (only top rope) with a neck brace that had a Wu Tang quote hand stitched on it in pink. By the ease she was moving up stout cracks it was obvious she was a very strong climber... who happen to have broken her neck 2 years ago in a white water accident. We all got to talking at the crag.

When I've seen those people who love the outdoors get injured. You know those people who have such a high appreciation for staying active that they define a lot of their lifestyle by a specific sport like climbing or mountain biking and strive to push the grades and technical challenge? Yeah, you know them or more likely you are one. 

When that inventible big or small injury occurs and you're able to get back to doing what you love there is this beautiful appreciation that occurs deep in the heart. The heart really softens to feeling fulfilled by simply getting on the rope or bike again no matter the difficulty. For even being able to take a hike down the same trail you've done a hundred times. 

It's just so evident the gratitude exuded from these lovers of life with past injuries who seem to universally seek simply being out there, for the picnics & snacky food mainly. Injuries puts a huge downer on your day to day, hopefully temporarily, but eventually bring about a lot of love and compassion for the small things. 

I encourage you to try as we do to really take advantage of as many weekends and evenings out after work pursuing your passion or just being active. You never know when all this could be taken from you in an instant. 

The Best Stocking Stuffer for Outdoor Lovers: Stickers

The Best Stocking Stuffer for Outdoor Lovers: Stickers 0

outdoorsy gifts

Stickers, I know, they aren't exactly the new Patagonia down jacket or Tacoma topper you're friends have been wanting all season. What they lack in their elitists traits however they make up for by being a very affordable gift for outdoor lovers. Adventure Stickers are a dime a dozen now-a-days but typically they name drop some brand. 

Sticker Art is a different type of adventure sticker for outdoor enthusiasts - it's beautiful artwork inspired by the places we explore on a weatherproof vinyl sticker. So if you're looking for that cheap gift (price wise) for some outdoor lover - we hope you find it here this season. 

Whether you're looking for a gift for Colorado fans....

gift for outdoor lovers

Or maybe you need to get that desert rat something special.....

outdoorsy gifts

Whoever it is, we've got the perfect gift for outdoor lovers......

gift for outdoor enthusiasts

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Camping & Backpacking beta 0

the latest awesome stuff

In this edition of the Latest & Greatest we're covering some simple tips and luxuries that are nice to have in the backcountry. 

Butterscotch - really great little moral pick-me-up while mid hike. We had a random fellow hiker offer us some at a creek crossing and it made a real impact on our group energy & mood. Fits in your hip pouch which is nice. 

Goal Zero phone charger - good for nearly one full recharge, it's nice to have especially if you like using your phone camera in the backcountry and the GPS app below. 

Topo Maps App (GPS App) - I know you're thinking "why would I get a topo map application for my phone when no-doubt I won't have service wherever I want to use it?" ...because it apparently doesn't matter - I've used this thing continuously throughout the SouthWest with "No Service" and it still is able to tell me within a hundred feet where I'm at. You download the maps ahead of time and it overlays your position on them. It's sorta amazing but clearly bring an actual map with you.

Bring Tweezers with you. You'll be happy you did. 

Tasty Bites Vegi Korma - add this to some couscous, olive oil and cheese. It's about a 2 minute prep time if you're using a JetBoil and seriously satisfying after a long day hiking. 

Yum Butter - super yummy while hiking food. Or just sitting in front of a computer. 

Dehydrated Hummus - go to the bulk section of your local (hopefully somewhat organic granola) grocery store, this stuff is crazy cheap and amazing when doing anything outside, just add water. 

Tail Wind - some tasty and not totally sugar filled electrolyte powder, made in Colorado by trail running athletes. Seems to really help keep your energy up. 

Beginners Guide to Durango Colorado

Beginners Guide to Durango Colorado 0

best food in Durango guide

We love Durango but there are a lot of tourist traps and uninspired business's. Here's some solid places to start with to satiate your palate.

Mediterranean: Cairo Kitchen - fantastic authentic greek food.

Mexican: Tacos Nayarit

Tex Mex: Zia Taqueria - affordable and fresh ingredients. Local go to for big burrito's. 

Sushi: Rice Monkeys

Southern Food: Fifth Street Eatery - try the the Local Yokal drink and sweet potato hush puppies. Decadent food.

Libations: The Bookcase & Barber - a speakeasy which requires a passcode to get in, ask around town for it. Why pay the same price elsewhere for a sub-par drink made with some cheap mixer when you can go here and drink crazy stiff deliciousness. 

Quick Coffee: 81301

Artisan Coffee: Bed Head Coffee - Patrick the owner and only guy who ever works is basically a coffee bean scientist and if you want the best damn cup or cap in town go here but just know he takes his time and it's worth the wait.

Burger and Fries: Grass Burger

Breakfast & Lunch Wraps: Raiders Ridge Cafe - we go here a lot, local ingredients affordable pricing. Build your own wraps, great smoothies as well like the San Juan Buzz. 

Traditional Breakfast: College Cafe - be prepared for a wait if you go on the weekends.

Cajun / Creole: the Roadhouse

Solid Pizza: Home Slice duh

Artisan Pizza's & Sandwiches:  Fired Up Pizza (I like their sandwiches more than their pizza's) 

Himalayan: Himalayan Kitchen - their samosas are great and they have an all you can eat lunch buffet for around $11.00 that is likely the best deal in town to get uncomfortably full. 

Ice Cream: Cream Bean Berry - be warned if you try the Black Currant Crisp it will ruin you for all other ice cream. Near and far all the guests that visit us say this is the best ice cream they have ever had. 

Brewery with solid food: Steamworks - they surprisingly have some great big salads too. 

Fancy dinner and libations: El Moro

.......Honorable Mentions.......

the Box food truck - whenever he opens back up, don't miss this guy. The food truck laws in Durango are from the 1800's so they shut him down for some dumb reason. 

The Vallecito Country Market  - if you're adventuring around Vallecito grab your groceries and a delish black bean burrito, or french toast, or their home made bannana bread, or some beer. This place is the best sort of weird. 

Bottom Shelf Brewery: located in Bayfield this little gem is worth a stop for sure. Great beer, crazy good chicken wings and burgers. On your way to Wolf Creek take a minute to try them out. 

Taco's Del Gnar - possibly the best taco's within 500 miles, located even further in Ridgway but it's almost worth the drive just to go here. Speciality taco's and hand squeezed margs. If they open in Durango they will crush all other taco's. Try the $10 dinner meal.  



Keep It Flowing

Keep It Flowing 0

Curcumin / Theracumin: most bad things that could occur in your body to keep you from crushing life start with inflammation. From your joints to your brain reducing inflammation is very beneficial for recovery and daily activity. Curcumin is found in Turmeric but in very small doses so ingesting Theracumin (a slightly different but effective form of Curcumin) will help to continue your crushage. Here's a picture of the supplement we take, I am not a doctor obviously.

Snacks: Balance is key so since we suggested a supplement above you HAVE TO try Late July Chips, they are simply amazing and will blow your mind with flavor for being so "healthy-ish"

Music: Koop Island Blues.

Cast Iron is so last week, Ceramic Pans are amazing to cook with.



Keep It Flowing

Keep It Flowing 0

the raddest shit around

Pemmican (N): You know what jerky is and you've likely heard of fruit leathers but did you know that Native Americans used to combine fat, fruit and meat - living off of them during the winter months? I didn't. Here's a bit more

If you're looking for some quality gardening seeds and can't find a good local heirloom supplier check out - some great stuff and their seeds seem to be germinating at a wonderfully high rate for us. They also have fruit plants!

Music Suggestion: Gelka - Eau Rouge pt1.

Clever Packaging: I love these Pasta boxes

Alpinist are a crazy bunch. Sit back for 30 minutes and pee your pants a little. Great short film: