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These artful products are inspired by the landscapes we all love and adventure in. We hope they are mementos of great memories spent outside with friends and family. 

Our products are manufactured tough so please take them with you wherever your road may lead. Thank you for supporting our small WestSlope business!

How It Started.

In 2014 founder Bryant AuCoin and his girlfriend were on their first climbing trip out West as a couple. They purchased some stickers from a gift shop and wondered, " anyone putting more artistic effort into this and making stickers for people who really love the outdoors?" That was all it took to get the idea going.

Acting as the art director Bryant, now wife Emily, and their new son Hayden explore these landscapes and come up with new sticker ideas through those experiences. Taking these scribbled ideas and crude drawings back home, he collaborates with the talented artists credited on each product page to bring those ideas to life.

Now As Animas Outdoors.

Now they strive to illustrate the same timeless designs on multiple product mediums and are helping to educate new hikers at trailheads of the best LNT practices.

Animas Outdoors is based out of SouthWest in Durango, C.O., which sits between the desert and the mountains on the Colorado Plateau. With direct access to such rugged, adventurous varied terrain, there is no shortage of inspiration.